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Library of Congress NAVCC Facility-SMPTE Site Tour

  • 2008 772
    SMPTE Sponsored tour of the new Library of Congress Audio / Video storage facilities in Culpeper, VA in October 2008 hosted by Greg Lukow, Chief of Motion Picture, Broadcasting and Recorded Sound.

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April 03, 2009


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Philip Spiegel

There has to be some soul-searching by the organization, sometimes it may make the most sense to keep this effort in-house and in others it may be better to outsource or partner with organizations. I've gone thru this before and have landed on different sides of that decision...it really does depend on the content, its condition and variety of other factors.

As for your other points...you are correct that we can't predict future user behavior but we can be fairly certain that it will not be via traditional media distribution channels (film, tape, dvd, etc). For too many years video was shielded from the changes undertaken by the music industry because of bandwidth limitations. That is no longer the case...the expectation is of virtually instant access. If your archive isn't digitized and visually searchable then it will get lost in the dust created by the rush to other content sources. Lost oppportunity costs are a big part of the this ROI and needs to be a big factor in this decision.

Ambika Das

Well I completely agree with you.

Also to facilitate this, we need to get out of our current thinking process and see how well the tranformation process can happen and the additional value add that its gonna provide.

Ex. Should the content owners create all required infrastructure, skill set, investment to focus on this ? OR they concentrate on the expertise of creating high quality content, be creative and making their sales process stronger and innovate newer distribution and revenue models, while getting somebody else to manage all their assets, providing required backup, security, transcoding, packaging and delivering it when required. If that is the bread and butter for the service provider they will do it efficiently, optimizing all that is required.

This will also support exploring other revenue streams for any content that is simply lying in the archive in tapes. Ex. DVD on Demand, VOD, IP Distribution etc. These things might not provide a huge revenue for archive content initially but will not any additional revenue is better to have than nothing ? Also can we predict the user consumption behavior across the globe or be a part of it, which is changing and fulfill the demand pattern as it evolves ?

Would love to get your comments more to take this forward.

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